Rumor: Barnes & Noble and Microsoft to unveil new Nook tablet in late September

Could we finally see a Windows 8-powered NOOK?

With Amazon wooing the world late last week with their new Fire and
PaperWhite tablets (and eReader), many have been left wondering what Barnes
& Noble’s response would be. The online book retailer has slashed prices
recently on their NOOK tablets, paving the way for a new holiday refresh
and release.

Now, sources to the site Digital Trends have confirmed with them that in
late September in Union Square, New York, the company will unveil a new
Nook tablet rumored to be powered by Windows 8.

In a sense, this is exactly what people are expecting ever since Microsoft
invested $300 million into a new co-venture with B&N back in April. In
fact, leading up to the Surface announcement, many online publications were confident
that is exactly what was going to be revealed (e.g. the Verge).

With Amazon’s latest move (and their embracing of Android), the slashing of
the NOOK prices, the soon-to-be-available Windows 8 OS and the existing
partnership between Microsoft and B&N, it does not seem like a stretch to
see this product coming to market.

The only question remains are the details and whether or not we’ll see a
late September announcement with availability coming in Q4 for the holiday

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