Nintendo Wii U Release Date And Price Revealed

Source: G4TV/TheFeed

The Wii U has a release date. Nintendo’s console will be released on November 18. It will come in two versions, a Basic and Deluxe set. The Deluxe set will cost you $349 and the basic version will run $299.

As we learned during Nintendo’s Japanese press event last night, the Wii U will have 2GB of memory, 1GB for games and 1 GB for system memory. Its discs will have a 25GB capacity and are not Blu-Ray. It will be backwards compatible with the Wii. Additionally, the console will support all Wii accessories straight out of the box.

The Premium bundle will come with a console, a controller, an HDMI cable, power cradles for your Wii U pad, a 32 GB HDD, and a subscription to Nintendo Network Premium which offers 10% discounts on downloadable software, while the Basic bundle will come with just the console, a controller, and an 8GB HDD.

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