Microsoft News | Durango XDK Leaks Confirms “Always On, Always Connected” Mode Of Xbox vNext

We have seen so many leaks about Xbox vNext codenamed Durango. The latest leak published by VGLeaks involves Xbox vNext XDK help documents. It confirms many things about various other leaks we had it in the past. The Xbox vNext will be based on x64 architecture with DirectX3D 11 support and dedicated audio chip to process it separately.

The interesting thing it reveals is the “Always On, Always Connected” mode. In this mode, the console will remain on with minimum power draw and will uses can enjoy the entertainment experience whenever they want with out any delay. You need not wait for the system to update or you need not restart it.

It also comes with a high fidelity Kinect 2.0 with HD video support, more accurate skeletal tracking using new depth sensor. The new controller will have less wireless latency and improved ergonomics.

Also the console with have Blu-ray disc support, however you need to install all the games to Hard disk to play it.

Source: VGLeaks

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