Microsoft Working on VR Gaming Device to Compete with Oculus and Morpheus

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The device might be showcased at E3 2015
There aren’t any major VR devices available for the mass market, but beginning next year, Oculus VR will be available for purchase for any gamer who wants to immerse themselves into gaming even more.
Recently bought by Facebook, Oculus VR paved the way to virtual-reality gaming, something that few thought would be possible in such a short time.

Development advanced so quickly that Oculus announced that the final version of their product would be available for the general public in 2015, which is just around the corner.

Sony did not want to miss the hype train and announced a similar product called Morpheus, which is still in development but might see a mass market release in the not-so-distant future.

Samsung, the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer, released its own Gear VR device, and perhaps there are other big companies that have similar projects in development.

One such company is Microsoft. Considering that its main competitor on the consoles market, Sony, has already unveiled its own VR gaming device, the Redmond-based company is now forced to do likewise and not let fans switch sides.

In this regard, DigiTimes reports that “sources from the upstream supply chain” claim that Microsoft is already working on a VR gaming device, which will be shown at E3 2015.

The virtual-reality gaming device will be mass-produced in 2015

Microsoft is rumored to attempt to mass-produce the said device in 2015, but that will be quite a surprise considering that Sony and Oculus did not manage to make their VR products available for mass market in one year.

Anyway, the leaked information mentions that the development of the VR gaming device is handled by Microsoft’s hardware team, the same that brought us the Surface tablet. We’re not sure whether that is a good or bad thing, but it’s too early to make any assumptions yet.

The same sources in the supply chain claim that the new virtual-reality gaming devices will become the focus of gaming hardware developers beginning next year.

Even though DigiTimes did not prove such a reliable source in the past, a VR gaming device from Microsoft makes sense. However, we recommend our readers to take this report with a grain of salt until the information is confirmed from other sources as well.

Microsoft has all the ingredients for making a solid VR gaming device that could compete with Oculus and Morpheus, but let’s hope that the product will not be rushed for marketing reasons. We will keep an eye out for any additional details on the matter, so stay tuned.          
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