Month: March 2013 We have seen so many leaks about Xbox vNext codenamed Durango. The latest leak published by VGLeaks involves Xbox vNext XDK help documents. It confirms many things about various other leaks we had it in the past. The Xbox vNext will be based on x64 architecture with DirectX3D 11Read More →

An updated version of Kinect for Window's software development kit will be available from the device's official site on Monday, March 18, Microsoft's Bob Heddle announced today during Engadget's ongoing Expand event in San Francisco. Perhaps most importantly, SDK version 1.7 will include "Kinect Fusion," Microsoft's at-home 3D modeling solutionRead More →

Back in February we told you about the petition that had been started at the government's We the People petition site with the goal being for the Obama Administration to overturn the ridiculous 'law' that made it illegal for consumers to unlock their smartphones. Not surprisingly, the requisite 100,000 signaturesRead More →