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At the Tokyo Game Show (TGS), Sony has announced a third model PlayStation 3 to arrive on the market later this year.

The new PlayStation 3
(Credit: Sony)

In a move that we're calling "PlayStation: Cubed", Sony has unveiled details of a new PlayStation 3, to be released across the world from September this year, as reported by Kotaku.

The new model is even smaller than the Slim, coming in at 25 per cent smaller and 20 per cent lighter — which makes it half the size of the original PS3. (This means, if the trend continues, thanks to Zeno's paradox of Achilles and the Tortoise, that the PS3 will never disappear entirely. That's good to know.)

It will be available in two colours, black and white, with 250GB or 500GB capacities. The "charcoal black" version will launch in Japan on 4 October, and the "classic white" model will launch on 22 November.

In the US, the PS3's arrival will be a little delayed. According to Joystiq, a 250GB bundle including a black PS3, US$30 worth of content in shooter Dust 514 and Uncharted 3 will be available from 25 September for US$269.

The 500GB model is set to hit on 30 October for US$299.

In Australia, we're not getting the 250GB model. Instead, we're getting what Sony is calling the 12GB flash memory model, which can be expanded by connecting a dedicated 250GB HDD, and will need to be bought separately. We have contacted Sony for pricing details.
Both are set to hit stores later this month on 27 September. The 12GB flash memory model will come in at AU$299.95, and the 500GB model at AU$399.95
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The Wii U has a release date. Nintendo's console will be released on November 18. It will come in two versions, a Basic and Deluxe set. The Deluxe set will cost you $349 and the basic version will run $299.

As we learned during Nintendo's Japanese press event last night, the Wii U will have 2GB of memory, 1GB for games and 1 GB for system memory. Its discs will have a 25GB capacity and are not Blu-Ray. It will be backwards compatible with the Wii. Additionally, the console will support all Wii accessories straight out of the box.

The Premium bundle will come with a console, a controller, an HDMI cable, power cradles for your Wii U pad, a 32 GB HDD, and a subscription to Nintendo Network Premium which offers 10% discounts on downloadable software, while the Basic bundle will come with just the console, a controller, and an 8GB HDD.

Valve has announced that the Big Picture version of Steam will be entering its beta phase later today. Big Picture has a redesigned interface that has been tailored to work on TVs, with larger fonts, icons and menus, all designed to work equally well with a game controller as a mouse and keyboard.

Big Picture means that nearly the full gamut of Steam features can now be accessed on a TV in the lounge room — so you can buy games, chat with friends, access your gaming library and more. Valve is particularly impressed with the browser that it designed for Big Picture — a reticule-based navigation system that it's calling the "world's first first-person browser", also noting in its own unique way that it "doesn't suck". The on-screen keyboard has also been optimized for a game controller, using a "daisy wheel" system.

Obviously, you'll need to have your PC connected to your TV for Big Picture to work, but the service puts Valve firmly in the lounge room, traditionally the domain of the console gamer. Whether PC gamers have been looking for a more casual approach for some types of games remains to be seen, but this certainly looks like Valve has placed the Xbox and PS3 firmly in its sights.

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Could we finally see a Windows 8-powered NOOK?

With Amazon wooing the world late last week with their new Fire and
PaperWhite tablets (and eReader), many have been left wondering what Barnes
& Noble's response would be. The online book retailer has slashed prices
recently on their NOOK tablets, paving the way for a new holiday refresh
and release.

Now, sources to the site Digital Trends have confirmed with them that in
late September in Union Square, New York, the company will unveil a new
Nook tablet rumored to be powered by Windows 8.

In a sense, this is exactly what people are expecting ever since Microsoft
invested $300 million into a new co-venture with B&N back in April. In
fact, leading up to the Surface announcement, many online publications were confident
that is exactly what was going to be revealed (e.g. the Verge).

With Amazon's latest move (and their embracing of Android), the slashing of
the NOOK prices, the soon-to-be-available Windows 8 OS and the existing
partnership between Microsoft and B&N, it does not seem like a stretch to
see this product coming to market.

The only question remains are the details and whether or not we'll see a
late September announcement with availability coming in Q4 for the holiday

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"Chronic leaker Footfall has posted another render and more specs for the HTC Accord AKA HTC 8X, which is apparently the final name.

The new specs are as follows:

The screen is apparently 720p HD and the device comes with Beats Audio built-in.

The picture does not make it clear, but hopefully it will be a pretty slim device. Earlier leaks has the device having a Super LCD 2 screen and 42Mbps HSDPA+.

HTC has said they were going to "go big" with Windows Phone 8, and this handset is expected to be only one of a range of new Windows Phones released by the company.

Other devices leaked earlier are the HTC Rio and the HTC Zenith.

The  "Rio," has a 4-inch WVGA display, 14.4Mbps HSPA, and a 5-megapixel camera with 720p video capture. There's only 512MB on board, and the processor is a a Qualcomm MSM8227  Snapdragon S4 Plus.

The last is the "Zenith" with  a 4.7-inch 720p Super LCD 2 with the same 8-megapixel sensor as the Accord, 42Mbps HSPA+, and an unnamed quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon.

The Rio and Accord is set to arrive in October and the Zenith before the end of the year.

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"Nokia spent part of their event introducing not one, but two Windows Phone 8 devices. The second device is the Lumia 820.

The 820 is not as full featured as the 920, but is still a formidable device that sports the same dual-core processor, wireless charging ability and an 8MP rear camera. The 820 differentiates itself by having replaceable back covers which come in a variety of colors.

Here are the announced specs:

4.3-inch ClearBlack LCD display (800×480)

8MP camera (3264 x 2448 pixels)

32GB of mass storage

Qi wireless charging (charging base sold separately)

Bluetooth 3.1

NFC Support

1650mah battery

Dual-core 1.5 Snapdragon S4 processor

Removable back cover with available colors: yellow, white, red, slate, cyan, purple and black

Visit the Lumia 920 page on Nokia's website here."

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The phones represent the company's latest best shot at turning its ailing smartphone business around.
Source: CNET

Nokia executive vice president of smart devices, Jo Harlow, holds aloft the Lumia 920.
(Credit: CNET/Sarah Tew)
Nokia today unveiled its latest flagship phone, the Lumia 920, its first to run on Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 operating system.

CEO Stephen Elop showed off a bright yellow Lumia 920, larger than its predecessor, the Lumia 900.

The phones represent Nokia's latest bid to vault back into the smartphone business in a big way. They also represent a last chance of sort for the company to pull out of its recent decline.

The camera's advanced features were spelled out to an audience of journalists in New York by Jo Harlow, Nokia Executive Vice President. Among the major features of the new phone are a 4.5-inch screen, wireless charging, Nokia Maps (with offline support) -- including an augmented reality feature Nokia calls "City Lens" -- a powerful "PureView" camera, and even NFC support.

Features galore
Nokia was also emphasizing the role of the Lumia's camera as a major distinguishing feature of the phone. Based on the camera tech found in the 808 PureView -- though without the high megapixel count of that model -- the 920's camera utilizes a "floating lens" tech that moves and reacts to movement to balance the lens, allowing the shutter to stay longer and more light to come in. According to Nokia, it captures 5-10 times the amount of light as any other smartphone competitors' camera.
Wireless charging is one of the Lumia 920's distinguishing features.
While not a first, the built-in wireless charging found on the Lumia 920 is another unusual feature not seen on many current smartphones in the marketplace. It's based on the Qi wireless charging standard, so it should be compatible with other Qi chargers. The catch: the 920 will ship with a standard wired charger, while an array of compatible wireless chargers will be sold separately.
The 4.5-inch screen is a WXGA model that offers better-than-720p HD resolution. Nokia claims it's the "brightest" and "fastest" smartphone screen on the market.

Rounding out the Lumia 920's laundry list of features is NFC support. While often touted as a mobile payments solution, Nokia demoed NFC as a solution for easy music playback with NFC-compatible speakers: just tap the phone to the speakers, and wireless music playback is enabled without the need to key in a passcode.

The Lumia 920 will be available in yellow, red, and gray versions.

Nokia also unvield the Lumia 820, a 4.3-inch model with a microSD slot and interchangeable "shells" available in multiple colors. The shell also enables wireless charging.
The world's "first gaming laptop" gets an upgrade and a price cut.
Source: IGN

While specs have indeed been bumped, perhaps the biggest change to the new Razer Blade is its entirely redesigned thermal system. Despite the new thermal system, the new laptop retains it's compact .88" thickness, and is just a fraction of a pound lighter than its 6.9 pound predecessor.
While the first Razer Blade's $2799 pricetag made it a little out of reach for most (and by "a little out of reach for most" we mean "way, way out of reach for just about everyone"), the updated Blade will cost $300 less at $2,499. We're not sure that dip is going to be enough to win over the masses, but we'll have to wait and see. The new Razer Blade releases on September 30th, and is available for preorder on September 2nd.

The original Razer Blade is also getting a price cut to $2229 while supplies last. Anyone who purchased the first Blade will receive $500 off the price of the new Blade.
Check out IGN's review of the original Razer Blade

While much of the original Razer Blade's components remain the same, the new Blade has an upgraded HDD and a 64GB SATA, as well as a beefed NVIDIA card. Check out the new Blade's specs below:
  • Future platform with 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ Processor
  • NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 660M with NVIDIA® Optimus™ Technology 2GB Dedicated GDDR5 Video Memory
  • 8GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Memory
  • 17.3-in. LED Backlit Display (1920x1080)
  • Built-in HD Webcam
  • Integrated 60Wh Battery
  • 500GB 7200RPM HDD (Primary Storage)
  • 64GB SATA III SSD with NVELO Dataplex™ Software (Cache Acceleration)
  • Wireless Network 802.11 A/G/N + BT4.0
  • 16.81" (Width) x 10.9" (Depth) x 0.88" (Height); 6.6lbs (Weight)
What do you think of the new Razer Blade? Is this the laptop you've been waiting for?
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While Ubisoft has been quick to introduce Connor and focus on the single-player campaign in Assassin's Creed 3, not much has been said on the multiplayer side, a staple of the series since being introduced in Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. Multiplayer developer Ubisoft Annecy says there will be a greater focus on multiplayer in Assassin's Creed 3 – both in terms of support from Ubisoft and its impact on the overall Assassin's Creed lore.

Abstergo has turned the Animus into a commercial product, and you'll play as one consumer who's looking forward to "reliving the past in HD." Every month, Ubisoft will give players new content to unlock through new challenges. "As you progress in the game and level up your character, you access these files and videos. Every month you'll have new challenges to unlock new content that will continue the storyline throughout the year," Ubisoft Annecy game director Damien Kieken told CVG.

The multiplayer environments themselves will now have a greater impact on gameplay – weather effects such as sudden rain storms or blizzards can impact visibility and players can employ special environmental kills using objects like bottles and axes. Back at Gamescom, Ubisoft demoed Wolfpack and Domination, two modes we were able to sample – a new wave-based co-op mode where players hunt down targets in the environment and take them down, and the more traditional four-on-four team-based mode, respectively.

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Get your first look at Kojima's new game.

Sources have indicated Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes 'is not Project Ogre', suggesting Kojima Production is developing a second title using its new engine.
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