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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Microsoft News | Great Deal: Xbox One Titanfall Edition Bundle For Just $399

Source: Microsoft-News

This is an insane deal from Microsoft. Xbox One Titanfall Edition bundle can be ordered from Microsoft Store for just $399, down from its regular price of $499. With the Xbox One bundle, you get Xbox One console, Titanfall, and a month of Xbox Live Gold. Limited quantities, get yours now. You can also get Xbox Live Gold 12 months subscription for $39, instead of $59. 


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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Amazon to develop its own computer games

Source: The Telegraph

Amazon is to develop its own computer games, pitting the retail giant head to head against the likes of Nintendo and Electronic Arts.

The Seattle business, which is expected to launch its first games console this year, has already dipped a toe into the project, with a game called Air Patriots and the acquisition of a Californian gaming company, Double Helix.

It is now on a hiring spree to recruit industry heavyweights in Seattle and Silicon Valley, as part of plans to turn its fledgling Amazon Games Studios into a major operation.

It is understood that Amazon will use the original content as “bait”, to encourage customers to buy its new console, and then purchase all their games through the device, from Amazon. The company has already had considerable success with the same strategy in other sectors, where it has used a virtuous circle to exert an iron grip on that sector.

The most obvious example is in ebooks, where the company launched its Kindle ereader ahead of competitors, linked the ground-breaking device directly to the Amazon store, and then started its own book publishing division to seed it with original content.

More recently, the retailer has started to produce its own television programmes, much like Netflix has, in order to hook consumers into its online rental business. By doing so, Amazon not only bolsters its revenues, but it also ensures that the company captures as much data as possible about users’ habits, helping to make the entire business as sophisticated as possible.

However, the development is bound to upset competitors such as Nintendo, Electronic Arts, Sony and Microsoft, which have invested billions of dollars into their own gaming systems, including consoles and original games.

Double Helix, the company Amazon acquired last month, has a strong track record of producing games for these players – notably Killer Instinct, which became a runaway bestseller for Microsoft’s Xbox.

Amazon is entering the fray at a time when these companies are already under growing pressure from a shift in user habits, as customers swap their conventional games consoles for games they can play on their mobile phones.

In January, Nintendo – which was founded in the 1880s as a playing-card maker – issued a profit warning after sales of its Wii console fell even more sharply than expected.

Amazon is expected to launch mobile games as well as console games, in order to tap into what is one the most rapidly growing parts of the gaming industry.

Analysts expect the entire gaming market to be worth $83bn (£50bn) by 2016, more than half of which will come from advertising-funded games played on  tablets and smartphones.


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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New SteamOS beta tempts more testers with support for older PCs and dual-booting

Source: engadget.com

Valve released its SteamOS beta with a warning: only touch this if you know what you're doing. While that surely did something to separate true testers from the first wave of eager users, there were a few problems. Even the qualified needed a relatively new machine with UEFI, and a dedicated one at that, given attempts to make the OS a secondary boot option were troublesome at best. However, a fresh beta that folds in efforts by both Valve and the community is now available. On top of fixing the aforementioned issues, thereby welcoming more to get to grips with early SteamOS, other major updates include partition, recovery and DVD install support. This doesn't mean it's ready for general consumption, though, so we'll point the brave to the source link below and swiftly wash our hands of you.

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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

CES: Razer Debuts Project Christine Modular Gaming PC Concept design makes PC upgrades effortless.

Source: IGN

This week at CES, Razer introduced its new Nabu smartband, but it seems that's not all the gaming hardware maker had up its sleeve. Today, it unveiled a new modular desktop gaming PC unlike anything we've seen before. Dubbed Project Christine, the concept design takes every component of a PC and integrates it into a small, metal-encased pod that can be snapped in and out of the tower on the fly.

Modular PC design isn't a novel concept, but in most examples, comes with significant limitations. While products like Xi3's Piston simplify expansion to the core makeup of the machine, swapping the CPU, GPU, RAM, or other internal components still requires disassembly. Project Christine makes the process of swapping, adding, or upgrading components effortless and wire-free. The system uses PCI-Express architecture to connect and sync each component for what Razer calls "plug-and-play" upgradability.
The modules will house everything from GPUs, SSDs, RAM, power supplies, and the CPU, which can be organized in any configuration the user sees fit. Each will feature active liquid cooling and noise cancellation, which Razer says will allow them to factory overclock components for higher performance. The tower will also come equipped with a built-in LCD touch screen, which offers controls and maintenance information for each module.
The design is certainly one of the most ambitious we've seen on a gaming PC concept, and stands to make the process of upgrading your rig simpler than ever, but the big questions remain: how much it will cost and will it make it past the prototype concept stage? Based on Razer's track record, Project Christine will likely come at a premium, and if it follows the precedent established by the Edge gaming tablet at CES 2013, could arrive within the year.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Microsoft Was Planning To Allow Consumers Choose Between Windows Phone And Android On Their Favorite Device.

Source: wmpoweruser.com

Microsoft is looking for various ways to close the gap between Android and Windows Phone platforms on various fronts. One of the main advantages of Android is the availability of different kinds of devices addressing different markets. The Information today reported about one of the plans Microsoft once considered to put Windows Phone OS on as many devices as possible. The plans was to allow consumers choose between Windows Phone and Android OS after they select their favorite device from the retail stores.

The possibility of executing this plan is very difficult due to the confusions related to marketing such devices, etc. Microsoft considered to align Windows Phone hardware specs closer to Android to make this plan a reality. The document, which was reviewed by The Information, includes a record of a meeting between the potential partner and Microsoft discussing about the above plan. What do you think of such plan?

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